Mass Email Request and Guidelines | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Mass Email Request and Guidelines

Outlined here are guidelines on the appropriate use of mass email in NYU Tandon. They are meant to reduce recipient complaints and confusion, reinforce security, best practice and efficient utilization of campus resources.

Overuse of email messaging negatively impacts our ability to deliver messages of critical importance. When members of the school community cannot opt out of an email list, the school has a heightened responsibility to protect recipients from unsolicited messaging.

The guidelines apply to all NYU Tandon personnel who wish to send or arrange for a third-party to send, mass email to Tandon students, faculty or staff.

Guidelines and Best Practices


To promote operational efficiency and network security, the following guidelines govern internal mass email:

  • Department heads (both academic and administrative) must review and approve all messages and determine if the requested message is appropriate for school-wide distribution or a smaller community (a list of proposed email approvers is below). While there will be no limit on the number of emails from a department, we ask all department heads to use discretion while agreeing to sign off.

  • In order to avoid sending frequent or repeated messages, no more than 2 reminder emails will be entertained. We encourage you to utilize other communication methods such as digital signage, the events calendar, our website and social media.

  • Please combine multiple announcements into one message and collaborate with other departments as appropriate to avoid redundancy and reduce the number of messages sent.

  • Avoid sending attachments as they take up more disk space and degrade server performance. Consider posting files to a school-hosted website and providing a link to the file. A hosting option will be provided to you if you do not have one.

  • Headers denoting each department have been created; these will appropriately accompany every message.  The Tandon School of Engineering header will be reserved for messages that are sent out from the Dean’s office.

  • During the final two weeks of each semester and winter recess, all messaging to students requires explicit permission granted by the Dean.

Best Practices

  • Be clear and concise
  • Do not include important text in an image
  • Use a subject line that clearly defines the purpose of the email
  • Use formatting tools (like bullets and headings) to organize long text into easy-to-read chunks
  • Avoid using the phrase “click here” as your hyperlinks.


How to Submit

Official departmental approvers should email all submissions to at least a week ahead of the requested delivery date.  Please include:

  • the department
  • name of sender
  • subject line
  • full mass e-mail message (with any images)
  • requested audience
  • requested delivery date

The help desk no longer distributes mass emails.