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The NYU THz-Lab features state-of-the-art equipment for RFIC measurements and wireless propagation up to 500 GHz. The THz-Lab is envisioned as an open hardware library for institutions in the United States to drive innovations at the radio spectrum frontier.

The equipment in the THz-Lab can soon be requested by US-based institutions for borrowing to facilitate their measurements and applications.

* Compliance checks will be carried out following requests.




close up of probe

Each set consists of RF, LO, REF, MEAS, DC

Quantity: 4



Model Number Part Number Quantity
WR3.4VNATxRxM-5M WR3.4 (220-330GHz) 2
WR5.1VNATxRxM-5M WR5.1 (140-220GHz) 2
WR6.5VNATxRxM-5M WR6.5 (110-170GHz) 2
WR10+VNATxRxM-5M WR10+ (67-115GHz) 2

Vector Network Analyzer Extension Module

Model Number Quantity
WR3.4CK 1
WR5.1CK 1
WR6.5CK 1
WR10CK 1

open calibration kit showing tools inside

Model Number Part Number Quantity
N5292A N5292A-400 1


Model Number Part Number Quantity
PNA-X N5247B 1

Vector Network Analyzer