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Global Data Dive

CUSP’s annual immersion program for graduate students is a collaboration with our partners at King's College in London, one of the leading smart cities around the world.



An overhead view of London's bridge and river.

A global perspective on urban skills

Hosted by CUSP London, the annual Global Data Dive invites students, researchers and academics from NYU CUSP, King’s College London, and other global partners to participate in a four-day hackathon that applies data science skills to real-world urban issues facing London. 

Each year, partners from public and private sectors (e.g. emergency services, London councils, etc.) join the Data Dive to pose research questions and provide relevant data sets. NYU CUSP students, as well as students from other participating universities, form small teams to analyze different questions throughout the week. 

The event culminates with final presentations of findings and proposed solutions. Students receive special recognition and a certificate of participation, with certificates awarded to especially impressive teams. The closing ceremony is open to the public with a wide range of guests invited. 

The 2024 Data Dive will be held from February 20-23rd at CUSP London. NYU CUSP students will participate virtually

2024 theme

The Interconnection of Transportation, Safety, Air Quality, and Health

In urban environments around the world, there is an intricate interconnection between congestion, safety, air quality, and health. The dynamic interplay of these factors hold the key to  insights that illuminate the profound impact on the well-being of city dwellers. Whether tracing the evolution of urban variables over time or making comparisons across cities and continents, understanding the links between transportation, safety, air quality, and health can lead to a deeper comprehension of the challenges cities face, fostering meaningful discussions around creating healthier and more sustainable urban environments.

This is where we come in. 

During the 2024 Global Data Dive, students will use public domain data to investigate questions specifically related to these issues. They will 1) wrangle and understand data structure; 2) analyze the data and find key insights; and 3) design both a technical report and a clear, compelling data presentation for an end-user.

Potential research areas

Groups will be able to address challenges including:

  • Spatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal correlations between congestion, safety, air quality and/or health
  • Longitudinal analysis of urban variables (Transport, Safety, Air Quality, and Health)
  • Inter-city and inter-continental comparisons
  • And more!

Why should students participate?

Networking Opportunities

Meet students, researchers, and urban data science practitioners from around the world.

Develop Consulting Skills

Hone your abilities to quickly understand a client's challenges and communicate a pragmatic yet creative solution. Build soft skills such as public speaking, networking, leadership, and communication.

Resume Building

Highlight your talents for future employers by adding the Data Drive participation to your resume or CV.

Contribute to Social Good

By focusing on issues like air quality and its impact on mental health, participants contribute to societal well-being. This can be immensely satisfying and may even inspire some students to pursue careers in public service or non-profit sectors.

2024 schedule

Activities listed below are for NYU CUSP’s participants of the Global Data Dive only. However, the Final Presentations on Friday, February 23 are open to the public. 

DAY ONE: Tuesday, February 20

  • 8:00–11:00 AM EST – NYU CUSP students will join remotely for an introduction to the program.

DAY TWO: Wednesday, February 21

  • 8:00–11:00 AM EST – NYU CUSP students will work with their teams and give reports on descriptive statistics throughout the day, independent of the CUSP London teams. 

DAY THREE: Thursday, February 22

  • 8:00–11:00 AM EST – NYU CUSP students will work with their teams and give reports on data insights throughout the day, independent of the CUSP London teams. 

DAY FOUR: Friday, February 23

  • 7:30–11:00 AM EST – All participating groups will make final presentations and winners will be selected. 

How to participate

Students who are interested in joining the 2024 Global Data Dive must fill out this form indicating their intent to participate by February 10, 2024. Students may sign up with a group already formed, or may sign up as individuals and will be assigned to a group.