NYU Center for Urban Science + Progress Online Advanced Certificate

Because you can use your nights to reinvent your days — and reimagine your city.

NYU CUSP’s Online Advanced Certificate in Applied Urban Science and Informatics helps you take your analytics skills and your career to a new level. Using synchronous online coursework with support videos and materials, you’ll learn how to apply data science and programming tools directly in the context of city government to the types of data sets that you work with day-to-day — yielding insights that can inform urban planning, budgeting, policy, and more.

Josh Schacht, CUSP Online Advanced Certificate Candidate

Coursework is personalized to your schedule and can be completed from anywhere — so you’ll network and learn from peers in cities worldwide in a small cohort led by expert faculty mentors, while being welcomed into the broader NYU community.

The Applied Urban Science and Informatics Online Advanced Certificate — offered at up to a 50% tuition discount for qualified individuals — is designed for: 

  • Government officials or employees who want to upskill their data analytics and data science to improve urban policy making or city operations.
  • People familiar with data science and programming tools who want to learn more about how data and policy work together.
  • Professionals, researchers, or consultants who work at the intersection of data and cities or are currently working to solve complex urban problems.
  • International students or professionals interested in using data for social good in cities around the world.


"Something I didn't expect was the engagement with others in my cohort through synchronous courses. There’s someone from the Parks Department in Minnesota, the Sanitation Department in New York City, and I'm in Smart Mobility in Virginia. We all have these related but distinct roles that we bring to this program, so we have really engaging conversations. The faculty have a unique and powerful ability to bring people from different backgrounds and skill sets and facilitate these insightful conversations that I really look forward to."

Josh Schacht, CUSP Online Advanced Certificate Candidate, Smart Mobility Program Manager, Alexandria, VA

"Completing NYU's Advanced Certificate in Urban Science and Informatics while working full-time was a transformative experience. The program's flexibility enabled me to attend part-time, immersing myself in a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing Python and data science skills. The interdisciplinary approach and collaborative environment have not only equipped me with essential technical proficiency but also provided invaluable insights into the dynamic field of urban informatics.”

Mark Bauer, CUSP Online Advanced Certificate Candidate '19, Data Scientist at First Street Foundation

"NYU CUSP’s Online Advanced Certificate in Applied Urban Science and Informatics provides a critical opportunity for those at the forefront of cities and the urban context. Designed for professionals in local, city, and state government roles, this certificate equips individuals with the technical skills needed to source, analyze and influence decision-making, contributing to the development of resilient and liveable cities. The certificate was specifically created for working professionals who want to cultivate technical and methodological expertise in big data, innovation, and analytics. Graduates not only gain fresh insights but also become part of a powerful network of alumni: the next generation of urban science professionals forging the future of cities."

Danielle Wright, Director of Academics and Associate Professor with NYU CUSP