Young Hackers Gather For Cyber Security Awareness Week

The kids filling the room in the above picture are computer hackers. They work their way into computer systems much the same way some might hear about bad guys doing it on the news.

The difference is that these hackers are actually the good guys, and the systems they're breaking into are simulated as part of a competition for the eighth Cyber Security Awareness Week at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University.

“We have everything from high school students who are learning about forensics so they can tell you if your credit card information was stolen off your computer, how a hacker got in or how an attacker compromised a website. Also, everything from graduate students who are designing new hardware to make it more secure to do things,” said Justin Cappos of NYU-Poly. “There are seven different events all located with this, and there’s thousands of people from around the world. This is going and taking people interested in this putting them in a communal environment where they can all pool their resources and learn from each other.”

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