World Science Festival Street Fair Transforms NYC's Washington Square Park into Outdoor Science Fair

On June 5th, the last day of the World Science Festival (WSF), Washington Square Park was "transformed into a science wonderland." The park was dotted with tents that served as classrooms while scientists and educators taught kids, and the young at heart, about science and the way the world works through games, experiments, and shows.

The World Science Festival (WSF), in its 4th year, is gaining in momentum and attendance as more kids and adults are becoming interested in science. WSF aims to make science interesting, even for people who may have found science boring in school. It accomplishes this goal by using art, film, music, dance, theater and other mediums to reintroduce science in novel ways. This WSF Street Festival was no exception, with experiments that drew oohs and wows even from the most jaded New Yorkers.


NYU's Poly Dynamical Systems Laboratory tent showcased their different types of underwater robots, including biomimetic, robotic fish that swim with real fish and animal-safe submarines. The robotic fish were propelled by smart materials that act similar to real muscle and can scavenge untapped energy from little eddies and small vibrations underwater.

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