World Science Fest hosting 'JS Joust,' 'Space Cruiser,' and more life-size games this weekend

The World Science Festival in New York City is getting its hands on some of indie gaming's biggest experiments this weekend. Previously exhibited site-specific game installations like Mega GIRP, the giant Twister-style video game from QWOP creator Bennett Foddy, and Space Cruiser, Ivan Safrin's massive one-night-only virtual starship installation, are making an appearance this Saturday, among others, at the festival's "Innovation Arcade" at NYU Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn.

Mega GIRP, originally premiered by DIY games collective Babycastles at their "Fuck The Screen" arcade event last September, is a permutation of Foddy's rock climbing Flash game that swaps the computer keyboard for two giant electronic dance mats. Safrin's Space Cruiser also pumps up the proportions of your average gaming experience: the gigantic first-person space sim was originally designed specifically for the Hayden Planetarium's 70 foot-wide star dome, and requires a room full of players to successfully navigate the starship through treacherous asteroid fields.

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