Why would Amazon want to build HQ2 in Brooklyn?

There's no space and it's expensive, but local tech leaders are still mounting their case. Hear them explain why it could actually make sense.

Carmera is a member of the Digital Future Lab at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

The deadline for municipal proposals for Amazon’s “HQ2” is tomorrow, and the decision on the location of the $5-billion and 50,000-job-producing office will commence. … So why would a company the size of Amazon want to make already-packed-to-the-gills Brooklyn the home for its HQ2? “In some ways, I selfishly want to keep the treasure trove of NYC tech chops just for Carmera and others in our community … but ultimately, I think having Amazon HQ2 in New York, especially in Brooklyn, would lift all boats,” Ro Gupta, the cofounder of the 3D-mapping startup and one of the signers of the open letter wrote in an email. “We already know a bit about Seattle and the effect of Amazon on the talent pool there—we established our second office in Seattle, and have recruited Amazon alums to Carmera …” 


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