Welcoming the Class of 2021

Class of 2021 banner held up by 2 people

On August 28, Tandon welcomed its newest cohort of first-year students – the aspiring engineers, scientists, and technologists who make up the Class of 2021.

This year's Convocation ceremony was marked by greetings from Associate Dean of Student Affairs Anita Farrington, a performance from NYU’s pipe and drum ensemble, the unfurling of a new class banner, an inspiring video presentation, awards for outstanding work by members of the Class of 2020; and words of wisdom and advice from Tandon’s dean, board chair, and alumni association president. 


Ten Important Strategies for Success in School from Dean Katepalli Sreenivasan

  • You have chosen a rigorous course of study; remain positive even when things seem overwhelming
  • Manage your time well, prioritizing study sessions over parties
  • Develop good work habits and never skip classes, even when professors post notes online or you believe you already know the material
  • Manage your finances well, because if you are worried about money, it will be hard to focus on anything else
  • Take good care of your physical and emotional health
  • Do not allow yourself to be isolated; makes friends and connections, and you’ll be much happier
  • Extend yourself intellectually; there is no better time or place than college for doing so
  • Do not allow yourself to be consumed by petty conflicts; by all means, stand up for yourself, but know when to move on
  • You will hit rough patches; reach out for the help you need to get through them

Three Metaphoric “Gifts” Board Chair Chandrika Tandon Would Bestow on Those Embarking on Their Academic Journey


  • Confidence – the gift of knowing that you have the inner resources to succeed
  • Courage – the gift of facing adversity and difficulty and persevering nonetheless
  • Compassion – the gift of caring for all and using the knowledge and skills gained during your time here to better society


Three Questions from Alumni Association President Anthony Concolino


  • What barriers will you break after graduating from Tandon?
  • Forty years from now, when you look back, what technology will you have created?
  • If you are called upon to address the Class of 2061, what will you tell them about how you changed the world?


The Class of 2021 Is Projected to Be Comprised of

  • 40% women — our largest class of female students ever
  • Students from 44 countries around the globe