Watch this talk on what Big Data is revealing about the world’s trickiest diseases

Mt. Sinai Hospital's Eric Schadt says data-driven methodologies are helping researchers find treatments to diseases that have completely baffled them up till now.

If you learned about cystic fibrosis during biology class in high school, it was probably described as an inevitable condition of those whose genes included a specific set of mutations. It was thought to be inevitable because no one had ever found anyone with those mutations that didn’t have it. On the other hand, no one was checking people’s genes to see if they had the mutations when they didn’t show symptoms.

During the 2015 Lynford Lecture at NYU Poly, Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Eric Schadt explained how a big data methodology revealed a remarkable truth: When scientists look at large sets of genomic data of broad pools of test patients, they find small numbers of people with the genetic markers that would make them genetically predisposed to various diseases, and yet they weren’t symptomatic.

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