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SECURITY: New purpose at old Grumman Plant 5

Just in time for spring, a new industry will be taking root on Long Island -- homeland security.

The Applied Science Center of Innovation and Excellence in Homeland Security is slated to open in early March, in a completely renovated Plant 5 on the grounds of the old Grumman company in Bethpage.

Ten companies are ultimately expected to locate at the three-story, 90,000-square-foot facility. Two -- Balfour Technologies and Power Management Corp. -- are already there, said Raymond Donnelly, deputy executive director of the Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT), which has been a prime mover behind the facility. LIFT and Northrop Grumman Corp. will also be at the facility, with Northrop Grumman occupying the entire top floor. The companies are together so that they may cooperate with one another on projects, share ideas and form a new industry.

The opening will be marked by a ceremony honoring C. Kenneth Morrelly, who was president of LIFT. Morrelly, who died Oct. 1 at age 64 of a heart attack, spent years spearheading the effort to build the facility. Morrelly will posthumously receive a man of the year award from his longtime friend, Jerry Hultin, a former Navy undersecretary [and President of Polytechnic Institute of NYU].