Tandon in the News

Vet entrepreneurship program offers mentoring, networking — and free housing too?

An innovative entrepreneurship training program at New York University [Tandon School of Engineering] offers free office space, mentoring and networking opportunities to veterans, spouses and others in the military community who want help growing their businesses. And now the year-long Apex program in Brooklyn’s Industry City is expanding its reach by offering free housing, too — a perk organizers hope will make it possible for entrepreneurs from all over the country to participate. … Kurt Becker, Tandon’s vice dean for research, innovation and entrepreneurship, said Apex grew out of a 12-week training program for veteran entrepreneurs that started in 2015. [James] Hendon [Director of NYU Tandon Veterans Future Lab], himself a veteran entrepreneur and one of the first to attend the lab’s veteran-specific training, said the longer “incubator” program is designed to essentially make up for lost time for entrepreneurs who put their business ideas and training on pause while serving in the military.

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