Is The Varick Street NYU Poly Incubator The Best In NYC?

It’s very rare that a joint effort between the public, private, and education sector comes together to produce meaningful results. However, The Varick Street Incubator may be a shining example and roadmap for other cities to follow on how to foster tech innovation.

After spending time at various incubators in the city, it very well may be that the Varick Street incubator is the top place in NYC for new entrepreneurs to call home. If you get the opportunity to be at Varick Steet, you enjoy a lot of benefits.


The incubator has one single goal. To help create great companies that will call NYC home.

I interviewed Micah Kotch, the operations director of the Varick Street incubator on its history:
How did the Varick Street NYU Poly incubator come about? Who are the private / public entities involved in making it happen?
Our NYU Poly president, Jerry Hultin, was one of the community leaders whom New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called upon as he strategized the direction for the city after the 2008 financial crisis. The city needed to diversify its economic base, and it was facing a shortage of young engineers and entrepreneurial talent to accomplish that. Jerry recognized that most of our graduates very much want to remain in the area, but New York City needed to compete for their talent by providing jobs that would keep them here as new graduates and, later, as a place they could build families.