US universities have eye on India

Visiting Minister for Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal, is testing the waters in the Unites States to discern whether American universities will support an ambitious Indian initiative to roll out 14 new universities focused on innovation.


India may be interested in the lessons the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly), has to offer about how to efficiently move innovation out of the laboratory and into everyday life. The engineering, applied sciences and technology institute involves undergraduates in research projects for government and industry -- an opportunity more typically extended to graduate students.

"This trip is less about meeting students in India. We meet students all the time. They come to us in significant numbers," Jerry Hultin, President of NYU-Poly, told DNA.
"This is more about the roadmap of education in India, especially the future of how education, innovation and the growth of corporations in India can join together. We think a business incubator is one way of encouraging innovation among our students. We are creating an environment that integrates academics and the commercial world."

NYU-Poly is looking to partner with Indian universities. "We would do some conversations with educational institutions like the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and others. There is a potential for teaming up. This is a learning trip for us to better understand where India is headed and how we can help," added Hultin.

He has been at the front of creating New York University's campus in Abu Dhabi. "New York University's priority right now is building this new campus in Abu Dhabi and 2010 is the first class. It will take a few years to complete. I think then we will sort of watch how things develop in India and see what would be the next best step. Not right away," said Hultin.