U.S. agrees to help India innovators


This week, as part of  a state visit by India to Washington, D.C. and president Obama, India and the U.S. have signed a series of cooperative agreements designed to give a boost to India's innovation profile. Obama welcomed the country's prime minister, Manmohan Singh , to the White House as first state visitor of his administration.

The agreements, signed by India's Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) were contained in a series of MoUs that spell out cooperation with three leading US institutions.

Signed during the prime minister's visit this week, the first MoU was with IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin and calls for the implementation of new, distinctive programs in India with the aim of helping Indian innovators bring their ideas to the world. 


The second MoU with the Polytechnic Institute of New York University commits the organizations to a culture of innovation in India. Under this pact, NYU-Poly and FICCI will design and host activities to promote an understanding of how partnerships between government, industry, and educational institutions can spur advances in research and bolster economic activity in India.

The two organizations have agreed to bring their respective strengths to meet India's growing demand for world-class research and development facilities that attract global talent.

NYU-Poly, New York City's most comprehensive engineering and technology institutions of higher education, will showcase the successes of American models of private-public partnerships at events in India. FICCI in turn will engage academic, research, government, and business entities in the cultivation of public-private partnerships.

FICCI and NYU-Poly will also look at ways Indian academic, research, and business practices could be adopted in the US, making them more cost effective.