Towards faster and more accurate diagnostics

Much research and development is currently ongoing to design and develop new diagnostic tools for improved early detection and treatment of serious diseases. FiDiPro Professor Kalle Levon is working to develop diagnostic biosensors that are based on electrochemical methods.

"The main challenges we face today in developing diagnostic tools are gaining quick access to test results, self-testing and wireless testing methods," Kalle Levon explains.

Professor Kalle Levon left his native Finland some 30 years ago and has since become one of the world's leading specialists in diagnostic biosensors. Based for the last few years in New York, Professor Levon's main area of expertise is in the use of electrochemical diagnostics methods. His research in this field has attracted significant attention: earlier this year his work to develop a new biosensor earned him the BioAccelerate NYC Prize. Described as fast and reliable, one of the biosensor's possible future applications is in the detection of cancer.

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