Top Marks: NYU-Poly ranks seventh in Northeastern colleges for best pay, fourth in nation among engineering schools

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Seniors set to graduate this spring and the entering class of 2012 can begin this academic year certain that they’ve made the right choice in the Polytechnic Institute of NYU.


PayScale, a provider of online compensation data, recently ranked NYU-Poly seventh in Northeastern U.S. colleges and fourth among engineering schools in the nation with regard to salary potential for undergraduate students upon graduation.

According to PayScale, the median starting salary for NYU-Poly undergraduate students is $62,400, behind only MIT, California Institute of Technology, and Harvey Mudd College in the engineering school category. For graduates in mid-career, the median salary for NYU-Poly undergraduates is $114,000.

Among Northeastern colleges, NYU-Poly shares the top ten ranks with Princeton, Yale and Harvard Universities.

"Our focus on innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship prepares Polytechnic graduates to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and also provides these future leaders the compensation for their expertise that is among the highest in the nation," said Institute president Jerry M. Hultin. 

Nina Weber, director of career services for Polytechnic Institute of NYU said: “NYU-Poly professors are confronting the most pressing challenges facing the world, including cyber security, renewable energy, and bioterrorism. Our students reap the benefits from learning from such outstanding minds and graduate from NYU-Poly well prepared for their careers.”

NYU-Poly alumni have blazed trails in the fields of electrical engineering, polymer chemistry, telecommunications, and information science. The Institute’s specialized programs in areas such as digital media studies and cyber security and a technology- and entrepreneur-centric MBA program are cultivating new generations of engineering, applied science, and business leaders.

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