Top 25 Startups Revolutionizing Computer Forensics & Security

Venture capitalists have become vastly interested in security-related startups that offer a range of services, from computer security, forensics  and e-discovery  to Web sites that offer more privacy than larger social network sites. Online identity security is a hot commodity, and the following 25 startups offer revolutionary techniques to protect and secure both individual identities and personal or business data.

Computer Security Ventures

1. Aprigo NINJA is an SaaS solution that provides a unified data dashboard for all unstructured data both on-premise and “in the cloud.” Aprigo prides itself on data breach prevention, the ability to pass compliance audits and to benchmark data.’s Drew Robb named Aprigo a Top 10 Data Storage Startup for 2010.


4. Digital Assembly introduced SmartCarving™ and SmartFiltering™ technologies to help forensic investigators recover and analyze photo evidence quickly and easily. The company released its latest version of Adroit Photo Forensics on May 5, 2010. The company’s customers include the FBI, intelligence communities, forensic investigators and leading law firms.

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