'Tattoo for a year' startup inks a $20 million funding round

Ephemeral Tattoo, which developed an ink that fades away in about a year, has raised $20 million in a funding round just four months after opening its first studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Series A round was led by Anthos Capital LP, which also invests in the popular Conor McGregor-backed sports recovery system TIDL. The funding came after Ephemeral quickly found TikTok fame among those who can’t commit to a permanent tattoo. The company said in a statement that appointments have doubled every month since its opening. There’s now a seven- to eight-month waitlist.

Ephemeral was launched in 2014 at NYU Tandon by Jason Candreva, Brennal Pierre, Vandan Shah, Anthony Lam, and Seung Shin, who were CBE students at the time; and Joshua Sakhai, who was an NYU Stern student.