Tapiero Named Financial Engineering Head

Professor Charles S. Tapiero

Professor Charles S. Tapiero

Charles S. Tapiero has been appointed director of Polytechnic University's financial engineering program. Tapiero joined the Poly faculty in 2005 as the Morton L. Topfer Chair and Distinguished Professor of Financial Engineering and Technology Management.

He is an active researcher and consultant in risk, technology, computational economics, industry, environment and financial risk management. He has published 12 books and more than 250 papers on a broad range of issues spanning risk management, stochastic modeling and applied stochastic control in technology, operations, insurance and finance.

Tapiero refers to his new role as “a responsibility given the standing of Polytechnic's financial engineering program in New York City.”

Tapiero's goals include augmenting the outreach, research and quality of the program, sponsoring cooperative international research and creating a new PhD program in financial and economic systems and an executive degree program in financial engineering.

“This program is now moving on a path that is very clear--Bridge Theory and Practice in Financial Engineering,” Tapiero says. “We are creating an outstanding program in financial engineering, which will also be diverse in terms of the degrees it promotes and distributes, its excellence, as well as our cooperative efforts with local and international industry.”