Taking the initiative with NY initiatives

AMERICA has always been good at fostering the ingenuity of people who ''think different''. You know, the ones that the Apple ad says ''were told it couldn't be done''. Whether it is Henry Ford back in 1908 introducing the world to the Model T, which revolutionised transport and generated industry in America, or Steve Jobs, who believed we would all embrace our inner geek and want personalised computers and portable music devices.

America, to its credit, has always done it better than most. Successful former tech start-ups managed to increase US market share during the financial crisis when most traditional economic pillars in the US crumbled. Think of Facebook or LinkedIn.

It is through harnessing the ideas of the Fords and Jobs of today that US President Barack Obama believes America can dig itself out of its economic mess. ''Entrepreneurs embody the promise of America. The idea that if you have a good idea and are willing to work hard and see it through, you can succeed in this country,'' Obama said. ''In fulfilling this promise, entrepreneurs also play a critical role in expanding our economy and creating jobs.''

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