Summer undergraduate researchers announced

Polytechnic Institute of NYU’s 3rd Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Program will take place June 15 - August 17. This year, 42 bright student researchers will participate under the direction of 29 faculty members. Students will work full time in the NYU-Poly labs with their faculty mentors on their research topics and will also participate in weekly seminars presented by distinguished NYU-Poly faculty. Bi-weekly lunches where students can present research to non-specialists and think across disciplines will also be held. At the end of the 10-week program, abstracts of the research will be published and presented at the New Student Convocation.

The Summer Research Program was initiated in 2007 by the Office of the Provost. Its success has been made possible by the financial support from the Institute’s most loyal and generous donors as well as supplements from the research grants of the mentoring faculty. In total, 121 students and 81 faculty members have been involved in the Summer Research Program since its inception.

This year’s Undergraduate Research Fellows are:
Javi Balroop, Skye Book, Yixin Cao, Robert Carey, Nicholas Castillo, Nicholas Cavaliere, Ariel Chait, Yan Mei Chan, Ying Chen, Carmine Elvezio, Thomas Fan, Michael Furman, Nataliya Furman, Mariya Gelman, Reju Mathew George, Quinn Gibson, Sofia Golbert, Gittel Gold, Michael Hailemariam, Kyle Hicks, Wendy L. Hom, Radu Iliescu, Ou Jin, Ka Leung Kwan, Jenny Lin, Weiyang Lin, Sean Mahase, Kaloyan Marinov, Madhurya Nangia, Danny Perez, Justin Rossi, Karlen Tam, May Thazin, Ricardo Theodore, Shashank Varma, Chao Wang, Sai Ke Wang, Su Qi, Jaiwei Wu, Tina Xiong, Shaoxin Xu, and Vladislav Zakharov.