Students Drive to Excel Pays Off

A set of highly motivated students in the Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences received financial support to help them pursue their research interests.

Lombardino Summer Internship Recipients

Over the summer, two undergraduates enjoyed the opportunity to conduct hands-on research under the guidance of Poly faculty with the support of a stipend provided by the Lombardino Summer Internship. Internship funding was made possible by the generous donation of Dr. Joseph Lombardino, a Poly graduate.

 Mandy Lee worked with Professor Montclare towards engineering a fluorinated protein with high stability and investigating new methods for the incorporation of non-natural amino acids into proteins. Mandy is currently a junior Biomolecular Science major at Polytechnic and is continuing her research during the school year.

Young Woo Lee worked under Professors Garetz and Aber. He continues to work on his research titled, “Preliminary Study and Preparation for Non-Photochemical Laser-Induced Nucleation on Supercooled Phenyl Salicylate.” Young Woo is currently a junior Biomolecular Science major.

Society of Plastic Engineers Scholarship Recipient

Each year, the Society of Plastic Engineers awards promising students interested in the plastics industry with financial support. This year, Jennifer Haghpanah, a first year Materials Chemistry Ph.D. candidate, was honored with the Polymer Modifiers & Additives Division Scholarship. She received her undergraduate degree at Quinnipiac University in chemistry and math with a concentration in polymer chemistry characterization with honors.