Student cybersecurity hacking and education weekend at NYU-Poly

Poly's Cyber Security Awareness Week featured a Capture The Flag competition, testing students ability to test website's vulnerability, that has doubled in size every year for four years.

Cybersecurity Awareness Week hit its tenth year this weekend, at the Polytechnic University of New York‘s downtown campus, and Julian Cohen has been showing up at the event since 2008.

He was a Brooklyn Tech high school student in 2008, but he cut class to come to CSAW. Sold on Poly, he decided to go there. Once he got in, he entered the Capture The Flag competition (where students have to break into websites of various kinds and in different ways) as a freshman and made it to the finals.

He ended up running the event the next three years. A 2013 graduate, he was back this year as a technical adviser. The event grew dramatically under his watch. The event size has doubled every year for four years. The 15 teams brought to Brooklyn to compete this year were winnowed down from 1,387 teams playing worldwide over the weekend of September 19-22.

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