Startup Weekend to be hosted at Poly and Polytechnic University's BEST Center would like to invite 30 Polytechnic University students to take part in the NYC Startup Weekend. Approximately 100 entrepreneurial minds from the New York area will get together to build a startup web company from Friday, September 21 to Sunday, September 23.

All of the founders decide what to make as a team, and earn an equal share of stock in the developed business.  Attendees are responsible for bringing desire and passion to the project with the expectation of leaving with a brand new business in a short 54 hours.  Sound intense?  It is.

Please, use your Polytechnic University e-mail address and sign up through If you do not use your Polytechnic University e-mail address, your reservation will be cancelled.

Participation is on first-come, first-served basis.  Please use the guidelines below when applying for a position:
Developer–Sys Admin: You set up the servers and make sure the tubes are not clogged to the Internet. You run the tech show.
Developer–Backend: You lay the solid foundation upon which everything else depends. Everyone else will be trying to get you to code up their brilliant idea after the weekend; and with a budget, you could.
Developer–Architect: You create the overarching vision for the project. You fit tab A into slot B.
Developer–Front End: You make things look good, working directly with the User Experience team to make everything work for the user. CSS is your friend, and IE bugs are the enemy. User rebellion will be directed at you.
PR: You like telling the story of this Startup Weekend and you're awesome at keeping the message alive. Craft buzzword packed blog posts and dazzle them with your brilliance.
User Experience: You know that all your friends are going to be using what you just helped create, but it must be user-friendly.
Designer: You will create the site design, banners, business cards and logo.

Remember to select a position that you will enjoy. If you are a designer, and wonder how User Experience works in a startup, sign up for a User Experience ticket and try it out. If you don't like it, feel free to join another team. Register now!