Spirulina Is A Viable Source Of Protein And Can Grow Anywhere, Even Brooklyn

We Are the New Farmers was launched by NYU Tandon alumni Jonas Günther and Michael Udovich.  

Dried spirulina can readily be found in health-food stores and pharmacies nationwide. … However, consumers deal with a notoriously fishy flavor when eating spirulina. We Are the New Farmers, a company that is growing fresh spirulina in Brooklyn, NY, says that their customers do not have to deal with the stink. … The urban farm was established in May, 2018 by its core farmers – Jonas Guenther, Daniel Bernstein, and Michael Udovich. With the goal of creating the world’s first carbon neutral protein source, the project began in the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University in the fall of 2016. Now, their fresh spirulina paste is an available product that customers can add to any sauce, smoothie, or even cocktail.

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