Silicon Alley startup lands financing

The Hotlist, a “social aggregator,” raises $800,000 in angel financing led by Centurion Holdings to fund platform development.

Using Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to create an all-encompassing social site does more than make it easier to plan a Saturday; it also gets you paid., which lets users see what their friends are doing and what people have to say about specific venues and events, just landed $800,000 in angel financing, led by Centurion Holdings.

Here's how it works: Users logging in to The Hotlist are presented with information gleaned from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other sites. They can see how many people are at a given venue, whether that venue has gotten good reviews, who of their friends is there, and whether or not anyone is currently tweeting from that location. Data from the site's 400,000 venues and 1.2 million-plus events means The Hotlist can also provide analytics on any location—the crowd at Boiler Room is 93% male, for example, or most people attending "Trish's Birthday Bash" go to New York University.

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