Seven skills you need if you want to solve public problems

In the just-published book "Solving Public Problems," Beth Simone Noveck, director of The Governance Lab at NYU Tandon, explains the tools one needs to develop to change policy to improve people’s lives. “...In a world beset by profound and deepening problems that the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has only made worse,” she writes, “There are leaders who recognize the need to work differently to accomplish their goals and change the world. I call these leaders 'public problem solvers.'”

According to Noveck the book articulates a learnable set of tools that, when combined with subject-matter expertise, make it possible to design interventions that improve people’s lives. "... I hope to define what it means to take a public-interest project from idea to implementation. Public problem solvers possess a replicable skill set that can be applied to any public problem for making measurable change."