Seed Grants Continue to Support Cross-Institutional Research and Collaboration

In 2009, when New York University Provost David McLaughlin and Erich Kunhardt, then Provost of the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly), announced that a $5 million “seed” fund would be distributed over the course of the next five years, their aim was to support research projects between NYU and NYU-Poly faculty, thereby strengthening the affiliation between the two institutions.

The announcement set off a whirl of academic “matchmaking” that resulted in several surprising—and effective—research partnerships, which continues today. Here are the latest Seed Grant awardees:

  • Building Reliable Genetic Devices Using Unreliable Ones
    E. Erkip
    (NYU-Poly) and D. Sasha (Courant, NYU)
  • Instrumenting Ubiquitous Interaction: A Proposal to Develop Robust Field Kits for Studying Social-Computational Contexts
    K. Isbister
    (NYU-Poly) and J. Plass (NYU Steinhardt)
  • How Do Granular Materials Yield? An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Natural and Man-Made Materials
    M. Iskander
    (NYU-Poly), Stephan Bless (NYU-Poly), and Matthieu Wyart (NYU Physics Department)
  • Development of Disorders of the Nervous System
    J. Viventi
    (NYU-Poly), L. Kiorpes (NYU Neural Science), J.A. Movshon (NYU Neural Science), N. Majaj (NYU Neural Science), B. Pesaran (NYU Neural Science), and M. Long (NYU School of Medicine)
  • Development of Ankle Instability Rehabilitation Robot
    J.H. Kim
    (NYU-Poly) and G. Gutierrez (NYU Steinhardt)
  • β-amyloid and α-synuclein: A Toxic Partnership in Neurodegradation
    J.R. Kim
    (NYU-Poly) and M. Rice (NYU School of Medicine)
  • Information Retrieval Techniques to Model Disciplinary Change in the Humanities
    C. Leslie
    (NYU-Poly), T. Suel (NYU-Poly), and L. Gitelman (NYU College of Arts and Science and Steinhardt), and B. Blake (NYU College of Arts and Science)
  • Systems Science Approaches to Understanding Variation in State Traffic and Alcohol Policies
    M. Porfiri
    (NYU-Poly) and J. Macinko (NYU Global Institute of Public Health)
  • Accessibility and Assistive Technology R&D Lab at MAGNET
    R. Luke DuBois
    (NYU-Poly) and M. Petit (NYU Tisch)
  • Data Visualization for Human Rights
    E. Bertini
    (NYU-Poly), O. Nov (NYU-Poly), and M. Satterhwaite (NYU School of Law)
  • Improving the Study of Urban Policy through Visualization: A Study of Real Estate Ownership in Urban Neighborhoods
    J. Freire
    (NYU-Poly and NYU Courant), V. Been (NYU School of Law), and I. Gould Ellen (NYU Wagner)
  • Synthetic Osteochondral Grafts for Knee Osteoarthritis
    N. Gupta
    (NYU-Poly), P. Walker (NYU-Poly and NYU Langone), and O. Kennedy (NYU Langone)

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