Scientists honor Dean Emeritus Katepalli Sreenivasan with a three-day scientific conference at Texas A&M


On May 1, 2 and 3, Dean Emeritus Katepalli Sreenivasan was the center of attention at a scientific conference organized by the Hagler Institute of Advanced Studies (HIAS) and the Departments Aerospace Engineering and Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University. The conference, on Topics in Classical and Quantum Engineering Science, was attended by distinguished scientists and engineers from different disciplines and different corners of the world. The speakers included a Nobel Laureate and several members of the National Academy of Sciences and of Engineering, besides a number of young stars. The occasion nominally marked his 75th birthday, which was some months earlier. Details and the agenda of the meeting can be found at symposium website.

Among his other responsibilities, Professor Sreenivasan overseas the Center for Space Science at NYU Abu Dhabi. The New York Times recently published an extensive article on the advancements being made there by members of his team. The piece detailed a vividly detailed and interactive map of Mars, pieced together from 3,000 pictures taken by the United Arab Emirates’ Hope spacecraft.