Tandon in the News

A response from the dean of Tandon to a column about the school's efforts to promote gender equality and representation in STEM

… It is long past time for gender barriers to fall in our field. … We should care because research shows that diversity makes us smarter and diverse groups perform better. We should care because we are scientists, and scientists respond to research. … [NYU] Tandon’s strategic approach to increasing the population of women was clearly working, I noticed: Starting from a female population of 23 percent in 2013 (approximately the national average at the time), year by year, initiative by initiative, Tandon was attracting, mentoring, and educating more and more women, so that by the time I joined this fall, the undergraduate student body was 37 percent women and growing. at Convocation, I welcomed an incoming first-year class that was 43 percent women,  more than double the national average.

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