Ready or not (and it's not) 5G is coming

5G is expected to make its debut in 2020. There are a few problems though, such as key standards aren't anywhere near being ready and there's no one universally-accepted definition of 5G.

At the end of May, telecom giant Ericsson announced it had begun testing 5G networks in Stockholm, Sweden and Plano, Texas. To be precise, it is running tests for both 5G mobile devices and 5G radio base stations -- the former from a minivan that can accommodate the test equipment. Don't worry, though, Ericsson assures us, "by 2020, it'll fit nicely in your smartphone, watch or other wearable."

Ericsson is hardly the only company prepping for this next generation of mobile networking.

At the 2nd Brooklyn 5G Summit, held in April, companies such as Nokia Networks demoed a number of proof of concepts can only be described as 5G porn.

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