Qualcomm takes 5G to spooky millimetre land

Where it doesn't rain – indoors

Article cites research by Ted Rappaport, founding director of NYU WIRELESS, and NYU Tandon professor of electrical and computer engineering.

It's barely six months since the industry agreed on a standard (5G NR) for exploiting millimetre wave spectrum, and now Qualcomm's silicon has achieved a 5G connection in the extreme high-frequency millimetre wave (MMW or mmWave) portion of the spectrum, between the super high frequency and the far infrared bands. …  It's susceptible to rain and other atmospheric interference, and was largely scorned as a viable consumer technology until this paper four years ago. In it, top radio boffin Ted Rappaport argued that if carriers deploy more sites then the problem is sufficiently mitigated to make it commercially viable.


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