Professor Ozbay Gives Keynote at Symposium on Transportation Informatics

NYU Tandon Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering Kaan Ozbay, who is jointly appointed with NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), explored the future of automotive big data in urban mobility in a keynote speech at the second annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics at George Mason University.

At the August 4, 2016 event programmed by the Transportation Informatics Tier I University Transportation Center — one of the leading transportation research centers in the United States — Ozbay spoke about connected and autonomous vehicles and travelers and new ways of generating and collecting mobility data, from smartphones and social media to inexpensive infrastructure sensors.

In the presentation, “Urban Systems & Mobility – Promise of Disruptive Technologies & Big Data,” Ozbay also gave examples of his team’s work in simulation, modeling, and system deployment toward understanding emerging technologies on transportation data.