A Professor Emeritus Pens a Timely Memoir

Louis Menashe Memoir
Louis Menashe's memoir "'The Triple Whammy' and Other Russian Stories"

Walking down the hallway near the Tandon MakerSpace it’s hard to miss the long glass case containing copies of books written by faculty members. It’s a display comprised for the most part of weighty engineering texts and technical tomes. Our faculty members are a diverse lot, however, and one, Professor Emeritus Louis Menashe, recently published The Triple Whammy and Other Russian Stories, which is not a textbook but a memoir.

Written in an engaging, non-academic style, the book details his encounters with Russians, the friendships he developed with them, and the pleasures and pains of visiting, working, and living in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia. At a time when Moscow and American-Russian relations are making headline news, the book provides a timely glimpse at a complex nation and its culture.

Menashe, who taught history at what was then known as Polytechnic University, is also the author of Moscow Believes in Tears: Russians and Their Movies, which was named Outstanding Academic Title by Choice, the journal of the American Library Association, in 2011.