President Hultin and art contest winners celebrate Starbucks opening at Poly campus

The winners of Polytechnic’s “Innovation Meets Art” contest joined President Jerry Hultin Wednesday, April 25 to celebrate the grand opening of the new Starbucks at Polytechnic’s MetroTech campus, where their artwork is on display. To celebrate the joining of two New York “institutions,” the winners of the contest were presented with cash and Starbucks gift cards. Festivities also included demonstrations on how to make Starbucks lattes and espressos as well as beverage and pastry sampling of some of the latest Starbucks menu items.

The art contest drew in 35 submissions of technical drawings, illustrations, digital art, paintings and photos that highlight the innovative, inventive and creative energy of Polytechnic University. Themes focused on the future of science, engineering, digital lifestyle, technology and invention - the Power of PolyThinking.


The 2007 contest winners include:

First place: Ardis Kadiu, “Emerging World”
Second place: Lan Xu, “Newborn”
Third place: Thomas Boyd, Untitled (Michelangelo)
Fourth place: Robert Baptiste & Schillivia Laland, “Innovation Meets Art”
Fifth place: Sirus Singh, “The Power of Polythinking”

From left: Art contest winners Siris Singh, Ardis Kadiu, Lan Xu, Schilliva Laland, and President Jerry Hultin.