Polytechnic University’s Department of Management Launches New Master’s Program for Recent College Graduates

Polytechnic University, the premier New York- based technology and engineering higher education institution, is launching a new Master’s program, Accelerated Management of Technology (AMOT). The AMOT program is a sophisticated and unique educational experience, which provides participants with the framework for thinking and learning about the challenges and issues confronting managers in a continually evolving business landscape.

In today’s complex business environment, it is imperative that managers understand the elements of traditional managerial domains such as economics and finance and have a deep knowledge of the innovative process. Modern innovation is more than just about technology. It entails understanding various factors both within the corporation and in the larger business context such as organizational structures, the role of knowledgeable customers, new business models and the impact of technology throughout the enterprise.

“The AMOT program is designed for students who want to enhance their education with a degree that will enable them to get a better understanding of the intersection between technology and business and thus be able to enter the managerial ranks of their organizations and make significant contributions to them”, says Professor Nina Ziv, Director of the AMOT program.

“With our superior faculty and our well designed courses and curricular materials, the AMOT program provides students with an outstanding educational experience. The AMOT program also draws on the resources of New York City’s burgeoning technology community to enrich the curriculum and introduce students to leading edge concepts and ideas,” added Professor Ziv.

The AMOT program is designed for recent college graduates and people with limited work experience and offered part-time in the evening at 55 Broad Street in Manhattan. The program can be completed in 3 semesters and students will be admitted in both the Fall and Spring semesters.