Polytechnic University Launches MBA Program Focusing on Technology Innovation and Entreprenuership

Polytechnic University, New York’s leading engineering, science, and technology management university, has launched its first Master of Business Administration program. The Polytechnic University MBA program is anchored in innovation and technology management and entrepreneurship with a global focus.

“Our new MBA at Polytechnic University is a decidedly modern program. It is designed for innovation-savvy professionals in the region, across the nation and around the world who want to pursue a technology-based MBA in one of the world’s leading global cities,” said Professor Mel Horwitch, Chairman of the Department of Management at Polytechnic University. "Polytechnic University also leverages its strength in technology management education and a tremendous legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship to provide students with maximum value.”

The Polytechnic University MBA program also incorporates interdisciplinary and experiential project-based learning into its curriculum, allowing students immersive experience in the business and technology communities outside of the classroom. Further, the program emphasizes applied science and technology policy; social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility; and individualized and team-based coaching.

“This is a business education program that supports and furthers Polytechnic University’s distinct mission of providing innovative technology education to professionals and leaders,” said Jerry Hultin, president of Polytechnic University. “We believe such education is essential for the global economy and for global cities of the 21st century.”

“Polytechnic University MBA students learn how to make effective strategic decisions in a technology-intensive context on a local and global scale,” said Bharat Rao, Associate Professor of Management and expert in global innovation at Polytechnic University. “In an ever-flattening world, offshoring and outsourcing are increasing. Technology professionals can now add value through creative strategy formulation and superior implementation practices around the globe.”