Polytechnic University to Host Siemens Science Day

New York City Youth Jump into the World of Tomorrow with Science

WHAT: For the past several years, there has been significant media coverage of U.S. students lagging behind other countries in math, science and engineering. Missing from this coverage is how education institutions are working to remedy this problem and attract our nation’s youth to explore these fields. Polytechnic University, the nation’s second oldest engineering school, is leading the way for this cause and hosting the 2nd Annual Siemens Science Day.

Jerry Hultin, president of Polytechnic University, and Beverly Johnson, director of Polytechnic’s Center for Youth in Engineering & Science (Y.E.S), the Head of the Board of Education as well as the representatives from Siemens will be available to provide commentary on:

  • The progress Polytechnic University is making in attracting young NYC students to science and engineering
  • Why exposing children to science and engineering is so critical
  • Why technology and innovation is pertinent to New York City (i.e. sustainability, security, etc.)


  • Environmentally forward thinking: Kids building lemon-powered, mousetrap-powered and solar-powered cars learn the possibilities of what may replace gasoline in their lifetime
  • Future engineers need to start somewhere: Towers constructed from fluffy, white
  • marshmallows by the students engage their minds for what is possible in the engineering field – maybe some shots of the kids eating their creations
  • It’s all about the interaction and fun: Kids working with adults on fun but educational experiments (i.e. DNA testing, water filtration, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where kids are introduced to forensics, etc.)

WHEN: Saturday, October 21, 2006 9:00AM – 3:30PM

WHERE: Polytechnic University Six MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, New York, 11201