Poly fills key gap with new MBA program

Globalization, high-tech, biotech, services innovation...these aren’t just buzz words, they’re realities. But to succeed in the emerging era, more than pure technology is required. Today's and tomorrow's business professionals need to master cutting-edge management in order to thrive. To ensure that they do, Polytechnic University's Department of Management has designed a unique “techno-MBA” program that takes advantage of Poly’s role as a leading technology management, engineering and applied science institute, small size, multi-disciplinary approach, and location in the vibrant global city of New York.

“In the two-year development of this program,” says Professor Mel Horwitch, Department Chair, “to see what was being done and what wasn’t, we researched scores of other MBA programs around the globe, especially the ones in the top-tier and at institutions where technology is part of their identity.”

Professor Horwitch says he was impressed by the interesting work being done at other schools, but he also saw that there were important areas where Poly could contribute something new and significant. The MBA program that he and his colleagues designed is “unlike any other,” one expressly suited for “professionals for whom managing technology, nurturing innovation, and fostering entrepreneurship are paramount concerns—all in the advanced and sophisticated venue that New York City represents.”

Distinctive features of Poly’s 54-credit MBA program include the active involvement of highly respected faculty in management and engineering, applied science, and technology policy, the latest learning methods, e.g., individualized and team-based coaching and experiential project-based education, a focus on leadership, development of a robust learning platform, and an approach that connects the worlds of technology and business.

A beta class will jumpstart Poly’s new MBA program this January. The first official class will begin the program in the fall.

Below is a look at the Poly MBA curriculum. For information on application requirements, costs, etc., please attend the Information Session, January 8, or visit the Poly MBA homepage.

Poly MBA Curriculum:

  • Foundational Core (marketing, accounting and corporate finance, organizational behavior, ethics, etc.)
  • Distinctive Techno-Innovation Management Core (knowledge, information technology and information systems management, intercultural dimensions of  global management, etc.)
  • Immersion Module where students interact with leading practitioners and organizations
  • Flexible MBA Tracks that promote educational innovation with standard and custom tracks (examples include entrepreneurship, human resources, services innovation, digital media, biotechnology and sustainability innovation)
  • Electives which can be selected from the entire Poly catalog
  • MBA Capstone Experience, the culmination of the program in which students apply their new knowledge to a specific “real world” project