Poly and Wuhan University embark on academic exchange

On Monday, December 17, President Jerry M. Hultin, Chancellor David C. Chang, and members of Poly’s faculty and staff met with a delegation from China’s Wuhan University to explore potential areas for collaboration.

The two universities signed an agreement to continue that exploration and to promote academic exchange in areas such as professors, undergraduate and graduate students, and research.

At the signing, President Hultin noted how Poly’s partnership with Wuhan, which was recognized by the journal Science as one of China’s most prominent institutions in higher education, could lead to joint “education, research, science and technology that can help build the economy.”  He also noted how partnerships between universities in different parts of the world are increasingly important in today’s globalized economy.

During talks about the two universities’ goals and missions, Assistant President of Wuhan University, Dr. C.Z. Jiang, shared how Wuhan’s motto roughly translates to “creation, innovation and entrepreneurship” — a near-perfect mirror of Poly’s “innovation, invention and entrepreneurship.”