People to Watch in Higher Education

Ensconced in Brooklyn, NYU Polytechnic University has never enjoyed the renown of the city's more famous institutions. But that is changing, as it continues to play a key role in the city's tech renaissance and as its new affiliation with New York University provides money and a higher profile. Still, Poly in its own right can claim some fame. In a 2012 survey, it came in third in the nation for its 30-year financial return to students—$1,622,000, ahead of MIT's $1,606,000. And the school's three incubators, according to a Poly study, have created 900 jobs and generated $250 million in economic activity.

Its new president, Katepalli Sreenivasan, said Poly "takes good students, many from underprivileged communities, and educates them to a point where when they graduate they are highly sought after." ...

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