Out of this World! Astronauts Touch Down in Brooklyn

Charles Camarda, Lee Morin and Paolo Nespoli—graduates of NYU Poly—discuss the future of space exploration

In an out of this world event held Thursday night in Downtown Brooklyn, three former astronauts presented their views of the future of space exploration, all the more impressive due to their extensive experience with the subject.

In front of a star-struck audience of NYU Poly alumni, Charles Camarda (POLY ‘74), Lee Morin (GSAS ‘78, MED ‘81, ‘82), and Paolo Nespoli (POLY ‘88, ‘89)participated in the NYU Alumni Speakers on the Square series on the topic of “The Future of Space Exploration.”

With their indigo suits and ramrod straight demeanor, Camarda, Morin and Nespoli—the only three Poly alums to ever travel to outer space—entertained a packed house at NYU Polytechnic’s Pfizer Auditorium with light-hearted banter about their careers and dreams.

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