October 2010: Best in college homepage design

Higher education websites, as a rule, still suck. We extensively copy each other, rarely innovate, and then hire a student to help with maintenance. It’s okay to admit it, we’re all in the same boat.

Though much has been made about users landing on your site through deep links, the homepage stillmatters.Why? University homepages are how most people first enter (it’s the front door), and regular users often bookmark or set it as their homepage so they have easy access to links and services. Seductive, elegant, and internally useful design is a challenging request for any web staff, let alone a resource-limited university technology team.


NYU Poly

I’ve kept a close eye on Poly’s homepage ever since I saw their aesthetically-pleasing speaking navigation. Recent updates, though, minor, have pushed the site’s general design into the nation’s best. Perhaps the best rotating feature area I’ve seen.