Tandon in the News

NYU's 'People-Led Innovation' project launches new website

Building on the success of its previous government innovation projects in Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, a governance thought lab at New York University [Tandon School of Engineering] is launching a new tool for local government officials in the U.S. to more quickly and efficiently get the expert insight they need — from their constituents, subject-matter experts and anchor institutions in their communities. … The People-Led Innovation project, which went live Tuesday at Peopleledinnovation.org, is an attempt from both organizations [GovLab and the Bertelsmann Foundation] at establishing a methodology that empowers local and regional government officials to use the knowledge of community institutions and individuals to solve government’s challenges — in other words, “to engage the right people for the right task at the right time,” according to a statement from GovLab’s co-founder and chief R&D officer, Stefaan Verhulst.

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