NYU Wireless weighs in on FCC’s 5G future

NYU's multi-disciplinary research center is offering its input to the Federal Communications Commission. At stake: “the ultra-fast future of wireless communications.”

Everyone agrees we need to sort out a fifth-generation wireless system, there’s just one problem: no one quite agrees on what it is yet.

After the first Brooklyn 5G Summit last April, one researcher made a compelling argument that there’s more bandwidth out there than anyone knows what to do with, if carriers will just divvy up existing systems more efficiently. (This will no doubt be an important conversation at this year’s 5G Summit, held April 8-10.)

That said, when the researchers at NYU Wireless talk about 5G, they mostly focus on millimeter wave technology, arguing that so much more data can be delivered over those tighter waves that it behooves us to work on putting that part of the bandwidth to work for us. 

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