NYU Tandon Hosts Global Symposium on Additive Manufacturing

 Group photo at the Global Symposium on Additive Manufacturing at the Makerspace

On October 21, the newly inaugurated NYU Tandon School of Engineering MakerSpace hosted the global symposium, “Additive Manufacturing: New Horizons in Research and Industry.”

The event was held in response to increased interest in advanced manufacturing, more specifically, the rapid emergence of additive manufacturing (commonly referred to as 3D printing). NYU Tandon Associate Professor Nikhil Gupta of the mechanical and aerospace engineering department — an organizer of the event — explained the symposium was intended for people from different backgrounds, such as academia, industry, and government agencies, to discuss the “common future directions of manufacturing.”

NYU Courant PhD Candidate Chelsea Tymms ('18) shows her research to the attendees of the symposium during the MakerSpace Tour.

Attendees taking a tour of the MakerSpace.

After being welcomed by NYU Tandon Dean Katepalli Sreenivasan, attendees took a tour of the MakerSpace and listened to eight presentations from experts in the additive manufacturing field. The symposium covered a wide range of topics, including manufacturing and security challenges, sensor integration, utilizing additive manufacturing in biomedical applications, and others.

Professor Gupta and his co-organizer, Dr. Dirk Lehmhus of the ISIS Sensorial Materials Scientific Center at the University of Bremen, in Germany, invited a variety of speakers to the symposium: Raj Manchanda from ASME, NY, Dr. Axel von Hehl from the Bremen Materials Science Institute Stiftung Institut für Werkstofftechnik (IWT), Dr. Brandon McWilliams from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Ohad Meyuhas from Stratsys, Dr. Gary Gladysz from Dixie Chemicals, and Dr. Paulo Coelho from the NYU School of Dentistry.

The forum served as a prelude ahead of the larger “Additive Manufacturing of Composites and Complex Materials” symposium at the MS&T16 (Materials Science & Technology) Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. That event will be featured in a special issue of Materials & Design (Elsevier) sometime next year. 

Carmen Chen
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Class of 2017