NYU-Poly Researchers Showcase 'Collaborative Opportunities in Science and Engineering' at NYU Langone Medical Center

Several Polytechnic Institute of NYU researchers presented their work and explored the potential for relationships between engineering sciences and biological sciences at a research showcase on Monday, March 22 at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

NYU-Poly Provost Dianne Rekow began the “Collaborative Opportunities in Science and Engineering” showcase by give an overview of Polytechnic’s relationship with New York University (the two became affiliated in 2008 and Polytechnic aims to became a school of NYU in the next few years) and discussed collaborative opportunities between researchers at NYU-Poly and the School of Medicine and College of Dentistry. She also highlighted NYU-Poly's Four Grand Challenges: tailoring bio-molecular interactions; creating intelligent sensor systems; mapping, securing, and extracting information from the infosphere; and engineering smart cities.

Listen to the presentations and read more about the showcase at med.nyu.edu.

Speakers and Talks


  • Creation of Interactive Protein Domain Assemblies


  • Multiscale Modeling of Materials or the Importance of Transdisciplinary Dialogue


  • Engineered Protein Biomaterial


  • Cyber Security Research at NYU-Poly


  • Multibody Dynamic Modeling for Optimal Motions of Robotic and Biological Systems


  • Cooperative Wireless Networking