NYU-Poly Ranks Among Nation’s Most Diverse Schools; Engineering Grads Rated No. 5 in Salary Potential

U.S. News & World Report Poll Ranks Ethnic Diversity and International Enrollment in the Top 10; Payscale.com Reports Potential Salaries Among the Highest

Judging by the results of two recent college ranking reports, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) nurtures the American Dream for science, mathematics and engineering students of New York as well as international students whose homes lie far from its Brooklyn, N.Y., campus. The polls found NYU-Poly has one of the most diverse undergraduate enrollments in the nation, and that it is graduating students with some of the highest potential salaries.

In today’s college rankings by U.S. News & World Report, NYU-Poly tied for fourth among all national schools in the ethnic and racial diversity of its undergraduate student body; it tied for seventh in the proportion of international undergraduate students, and it ranked 22nd in economic diversity.  Recent Payscale.com rankings reported NYU-Poly among the top undergraduate engineering schools and all Northeastern schools in starting and mid-career salaries.

“Throughout its 156-year history, NYU-Poly has been a portal to success for the best and brightest technical students from Brooklyn and New York, traditionally among the most diverse immigrant hubs in America,” said President Jerry M. Hultin. “In recent years, we increased our international scope and now, as part of the NYU Global Network University, our international role is becoming even stronger. As a result, our academic commitment to invention, innovation and education-something we call i-squared-e-prepares our students to return home and change societies throughout the world.”

The latest U.S. News & World Report data ranks NYU-Poly fourth among national schools, tied with New Jersey Institute of Technology in racial and ethnic diversity. The index ranking of 0.69 (with 1.0 as the highest) factors in the proportion of minority students-leaving out international students-in each institution’s 2009-2010  undergraduate student body. No one ethnic group comprises a majority at NYU-Poly.

Three schools tied for seventh place in the proportion (12 percent) of international undergraduate students: NYU-Poly, Andrews University and California Institute of Technology.

U.S. News and World Report defines economic diversity as the percentage of students receiving federal Pell grants, typically given to families earning $20,000 or less. According to the 2008 data, 42 percent of NYU-Poly undergraduates received these education grants.

In the Payscale.com report, NYU-Poly ranked fifth among all engineering schools in salary potential and eighth among all schools in the Northeast, ahead of several Ivy League universities. The Payscale.com poll registers the annual pay for bachelor’s graduates without higher degrees. Typical starting graduate salaries reflect two years of experience; mid-career statistics are typically 15 years. Median starting salary for NYU-Poly was $62,100, and median mid-career salary was $111,000.

About Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Polytechnic Institute of New York University (formerly Polytechnic University), an affiliate of New York University, is one of New York City’s most comprehensive schools of engineering, applied sciences, technology and research, and is rooted in a 156-year tradition of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship: i2e.

The institution, founded in 1854, is one of the nation’s oldest private engineering schools. In addition to its main campus at MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn, it offers programs at sites throughout the region and around the globe. NYU-Poly has centers in Long Island, Manhattan and Westchester County; globally, it has programs in Israel, China and will be an integral part of NYU's campus in Abu Dhabi opening in autumn 2010.