NYU-Poly ranks 7th in salary potential; engineering sweeps top 10 high-paying majors

Wondering if NYU-Poly is the right school for you, or if engineering is the right field of study?

Results from PayScale’s (an online provider of compensation data) annual survey of schools that lead to top-earnings and top-paying fields could put your mind at ease.

NYU-Poly ranked 7th among the top 10 best engineering colleges by salary potential. According to survey results, NYU-Poly graduates earn a median starting salary of $62,700; by mid-career, they earn a median salary of $114,000.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and California Institute of Technology, also ranked in the top 10.

Engineering majors from aerospace to environmental swept the top 10 college majors that lead to high salaries, taking 7 of the top 10 slots. Economics, physics, and computer science took the remaining 3.

NYU-Poly also ranked among the top Northeastern colleges for salary potential, coming in at number 11 behind such schools as Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Princeton.

PayScale collected its data from respondents with full-time jobs and bachelor’s degrees who do not hold master’s, MBA, PhD, or other advanced degrees. Read the survey’s full methodology.

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